Post 2030. momentum and action

Humanity, all the people,  through the combination of brain  and circumstances are all linking – sometimes with strong links but rarely few. –  This creates momentum to social realities that,  like the proverbial oil tanker, are  hard to shift to a new course.  People are tuned to the crowd and are unlikely to act contrary to that momentum of public  commitments.    What should we do?

Occasionally a message amplifies and is heard round the world. Right now, the fact of climate change is a rapidly spreading meme.  A local pop  radio station ad this morning was about getting your electric car, the world is heating up, get with it.

But the solutions  to it are  not only not propagating, but mostly  may be absent. A major reason is that nobody seems to know what to do, so there is nothing to pass on but fear.

Most discussion  avoids local issues, but sticks with large issues, such as switching from oil to solar. But the local details are very important. For example (and there are many, given the house of cards), just a few people walking away from what they are coming to see in the context of global catastrophe,  as meaningless jobs and feeling a need to act in this game of musical chairs to secure some food supply, would bring down institutions including governments.

Is this a case where we should not discuss the obvious?

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