post 2024. We could, but will we. We must try.

Any politics which does not aim at the the humanization its people and the gardening of the world is an inadequate politics. What we should do is a combination of thought, intent, design and action. For whom are we designing gardenworld? Start with belief: what do you believe in and what can be done to implement that belief in a chaotic world, a world that is more like an art or film studio than like a museum. The pieces are not finished, maybe not even started, but the materials and your intent are present. The condition of the present crisis, created by decades of misdirection, do not allow us to regain a healthier version of the past. We have gone too far. Much new is needed. We have sought marvelously better machines, not marvelously better people.

If we all cooperated round the technologies of disease control, energy,  food we have a solid chance of doing well. But it would require the long shot of giving up land ownership, capitalist modes of exploitation, wars and local guns. This would work, but it is unlikely we will do it. We are locked in to our culture through law and character. But we have to try. Each and all. We could, but will we. We must try.

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