Post 2026. Human solidarity.

The main  religions, all responses to oppressive empires, reach toward human solidarity. But we have failed to get there. My own  tradition, lets call it ephemeral christianity,  the humane side of that  tradition, say the good Samaritan, is not as generative of carying and appreciation as we need.

Where might such a tradition emerge from? We certainly need it. A tradition which welcomes the stranger and the neighbor because they are humans with amazing stories, people who should be appreciated and cared for when needed.

Here from McIntosh and Tainter As the Wind Blows:

Gutians,  and  Amorites  were  displaced  into  southern  Mesopotamia.  Weiss and  his  colleagues  postulate  that  an  otherwise  undocumented  Anatolian volcano  could  have  been  responsible  for  the  initial  deposit  of  tephra  but  did not  trigger  the  change  of  climate.  Rather,  this  may  have  been  caused  by  a northward  shift  in  the  polar  jet  and  a  stronger  subtropical  jet.  Whatever  the causal  mechanism,  the  change  in  climate,  it  is  thought,  may  have  had  consequences  beyond  the  north  Mesopotamian  collapse.  It  is  suspiciously  synchronous  with  other  collapses  in  the  Aegean,  Egypt,  the  Levant,  and  the Indus Valley (Weiss et al. 1993:999–1003; Bell 1971).

These are the kind and size of events people deal with. Should they not be cared for as mucha s possible? Like now?

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