Post # 2050 Responding to 2 degrees.


With all that is happening in income, inequality, algorithms replacing mind workers and robots replacing body workers, ecological destruction from forest cutting and sea over fishing, my view is that he most crucial issue is getting guidance to leadership that gets them to be aware that coping with 2 degree climate heating is not just a question of policies and technologies, but of who does what when.

To cut fossil fuel use (see Andreas Malm’s book Fossil Capital) suffecient to prevent going over 2 degrees would require big measures fast. What would that look like? Commutes? Air conditioing? Food tranportation? Most jobs would have to change, offices and factories maybe unuseable, .. We need to (help) develop such narratives so people can see what they must cope with.
If we don’t make the moves to keep warming under 2 degrees, another set of nasty narratives comes into play and we have to organize coping with that (think of Herbert Hoover and the mission to keep belgium from starvation at the end of WW 1.) Either way a major role for economics to help clarify what to expect from the economy and maybe even what to do.

Society right now is almost leaderless, and organized in a fragile state.

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