Post # 2047. Mix of plus and minus

People are caught up in anxiety and thought, but little action, about CO2. But in doing so they conveniently ignore eco-destruction. Making eco-destruction central is not easy.

Some thoughts floating out there.

autonomous cars don’t need headlights for seeing but they ae currently needed to signal other cars. Another part of the reason who controls mountain in the roadway might be better.

Urban agriculture, fun and hopeful, seems to have many drawbacks. Cost of energy and variety of crops. But one possibility is that with higher energy costs building are abandoned making real estate prices close to zero.

We are a quantity minded society, and, irony, being killed by larger numbers.

It is much easier, if you are an artist, to image a simpler life, than if you are not (just a consumer/worker). For the artist the benefit is more time to make art. For the consumer, less space to put everything.

I have a new draft of GardenWorld Politics at

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