post 2042. freedom and science.


Freedom is not allowed by much of science.

but is core to philosophy and politics.

does this prove that it is worthwhile to move in things that are scientifically untenable? This is worth a lot of thinking because of data, for example, is moving into another room where is the tell you better than you can tell yourself what you want to next, what you like, when you woukd die.

The resolution of this dilemma for myself comes from a lot of work of Benri Bergson, especially his book, Creative Evolution. Hey single celled organism has what is a responding to the environment. These can be explored and is named and modelled.

But as  organisms got more complicated the number of things that itcan respond to  through their internal state increases to the point  way beyond the capacity for calculation or measurement. At this point it is clear that the complex internal environment. chooses its response to the externsl environment.   This feels to me what I think I mean by freedom.


There are further problems of course. Freedom for conservatives tends to mean freedom to do what they want to with property, including capital. For the rest of us freedom has to do with avoiding oppresson and injustice, Freedom of thought and freedom of expression and much else.

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