Post # 2033 no plan for radical co2 reduction means emergent phenomena.

Provocation # 201

Two thoughts

1. To prevent going over 2 degrees C we need to stop much use of carbon fuel. There is no plan to do so. Almost all plans look to replacement which is slow, the resulting uses still heat the environment.

1. Any serious curtailment of energy use will disrupt the lives of most people, but there is no planning on how to help those hurt.  The result is they feel abandoned by the very people that are leading and ought to protect the population.

Given that we won’t cut energy use sufficient to prevent severe overheating, and that we will not have a life-raft for the billions,  we can expect emergent phenomena instead, which makes it essentially impossible to predict, even with the best intuition about how humans adapt.

The key  question is – what is  capitalism, and what is its future. but we are not asking it.

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