1984. Christian use of “economy.”

Recent scholarship is pointing out that the idea of economy, from Aristotle as Estate Management eco-nomos, moved into the early christian world as god’s project for humanity. Bu the connection with economy is not made because the translators use the word “administration” instead of economy The idea that the economy was god’s project helped set the culture of the West to  “economy” a place that was to be made perfect, without interference. The impact of Christian thinking on economics is much deeper than realized by Tawney  in his Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, which starts in the time of forgetting, the 15th century, or Weber’s  Protestantism and the Spirit of Capitalism. Modern sources are

Dotam Lesham Neoliberalism from Jesus to Foucault (2016) and

Agamben, The Kingdom and the Glory_ For a Theological Genealogy of Economy and Government (2011)


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