1935. Trump and character

The very serious danger with Trump as President is that he grew up in such a  narrow world of business and corruption that he only nows the value of winning – at all costs.  He thinks, I surmise,

that those who do not have those values are just cowards. Such a view is dangerous because the power of the Presidency, especially nuclear, leads to a willingness to take very large risks. The logic goes: ok, big risk.  If we win,  great big deal.. If we lose, so that’s life. Put 10 million down on a project  (golf course, hotel), borrow another fifty million, could go great. If it doesn’t, well that’s life But if I  win I will be the hero for life. If I lose I’ll just be another idiot.

Winning is big. Life is just the right to play the game. Other people are either on the team, enemies, or bystanders. I hate them all.

Trump is dangerous. But we mostly all benefitted from the screwed world that put him in the presidency. Lots of repairing to do.

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