1924. middle class an artifact?

What is the chance that the middle class is an artifact, first (early empires 1000BC and more) of elites trying to milk the peasant ( trapped) population of their surplus through the use of a literatte bueucracy, and that has with time morphed into the GI bill after ww2, educating many to middle management now largely replaced by computing. The core is elites and underclass with computers and automation. (robot is German for slave).  This suggests it is hard to support, create, spread, a middle class.  In fact most middle class jobs are quasi monopoly jobs: either through professional licensing or college degree required. These are procedures to control access to the middle class and hence cartel like and hostile to the under class. We have a lot of thinking to do to figure out how tech can help build a more fair process. Spreading tech more widely and also spreading the management that goes with the best tech: team based, creative, not so hierarchically controlled,  would be very helpful. But we can’t expect the normal middle class salaries to establish themselves and the 40 hour or more jobs will be less structured with hard to anticipate consequences.

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