1921. US Sold out

Surmise. Following up a hint from Tainter’s Collapse of Complex Societies where he says, paraphrase; elites own the infrastructure and when it is in trouble, instead of doing maintenance and enhancement, they do all they can to cut costs and take more out of the system.

Trump is detaching the US from the world, and doing everything possible to take the money out of society that he and the rest of the rich are,  through siphons,  connected to.

The obvious is that china comes to dominate and lead.

See China’s Economic strategy at


where it is made clear that in many ways China is very much in the lead, a lead we cannot catch but, as the speakers say, align with. Much more steel, much more solar panels, railroads, highways (follow the video for the numbers)

But in this the US is losing out. Worthless as an investment but still worth milking cash out of assets: health care, mortgages, student loans..  Give this,  as surmise, the strategy of the rich (previously , Clinton helped make the rich richer, Bush created policies to hold on to what had been gained, and Trump is now fire selling the remains.

OK, if so, what should we, individuals, regions, the US, do?

The Collapse of Complex Societies (New Studies in Archaeology)





One thought on “1921. US Sold out

  1. charlesstp says:

    A nice little analogy is what the owner of a mine would do, once the mine started to play out. He would stop investing in his capital any more than the minimum necessary repairs to keep the equipment operating until the mine was exhausted: The point at which the cost of production plus cost of repairs equals the return on the extraction. This does prolong the productive value of the the mining. It is the most efficient policy. But maybe the miners should start looking for new- employers. There is them. And there is us.

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