1920. AI and life

a fantasy about automation.

you receive a reminder on your iPhone that tomorrow you will be picked up at 11 AM by a driverless Uber to take you to a meeting and two papers that you are supposed to read are attached. The next day you get a message that your Uber is in front there to pick you up and take you to the meeting. It does not tell you where the meeting will be but you have no need to know. You are dropped at the meeting and go in and participate in the conversation appropriately. at 3 o’clock you receive a reminder that an the Uber will pick you up at 5:30 and take you to another hotel because with rush-hour the time to take you home is longer than you would like to spend, missing the dinner hour. The hotel will meet all your standard criteria for what a hotel should be. No need to know the name of the hotel. The reminder also says that a dinner reservation has been made for you in the hotel for 7 PM and you will be joined by a date that has been arranged for you. In the morning you are picked up by another Uber and driven home.

You are totally Ignorant of where you have been for the last 24 hours but it makes no difference because you have been totally appropriate and had a good time. Much of the A I world sees this as success meeting human needs more than halfway. From another point of view Your brain is under exercised having avoided the decisions you would have had to make and the experiences you would’ve had along the way.

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