1912. Economics as a natural system.

these days we tend to assume that treating the economy as though it’s a solar system is motivated by the conservative perspective that the economy should not be messed with by government because it will spoil a natural system. But it is important to remember that the natural law movement in the 17th and 18th centuries was aimed at creating something new that Kings could not interfere with and hence was essentially in a democratic direction. This tendency was aborted when thinkers like John Locke, early 1700s, wanted to protect aristocratic lands as natural against the interference by kings. He was not interested in a broader Democracy.

Those natural systems play a democratic and an anti-democratic side just as being opposed to natural systems play as a progressive side but also supported the divine right of kings who are not bound by natural systems.

At the present time the idea that the economy as a natural systems that should not be interfered with seems dominant and aligned with neoliberal Economics.

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