1906. a better foundation; culture rather than economics

provocation #107

culture more than economy

Many economists and the field in general tend to think that economics drives change. The broader field of human study has been concluding for a number of years that culture is more important then price.

For example the move towards empire is explained in economics by the rise of agricultural society which was a response to increasing population and food poverty.

The new understanding is that the first urban centers in the drive towards hierarchical organization is around the meaningful systems of the religious interpretation of the world, The use of plants was for ritual and and ceremony, not driven by food issues.

This is important because as our society is manifesting great difficulties, looking for solutions that are economic alone probably leads nowhere.

Broader solutions of the meaning of life and it’s cultural interpretation give more room for creativity and possibility than economics typically considers.

As we consider renewal of Economics let’s get beyond merely recreating.

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