1872. A larger progressive agenda

We need a society of a beautiful and respected environment with beautiful respecting and respected people. “respect”. Re -spectare, take another look.

A progressive future must start with the facts of a failed environment, a failed governance and failed normal security of a life.

We must look simultaneously to be as successful as possible with a future that continues much as we are; no big  wars, no severe climate change.  But since this is unlikely,  to be as successful as possible in a hotter world with lots of violence,  we need a flexible approach that can cope with both futures.

The key is meaning. We are living under a collapsing  social contract. In agricultural society the elites needed agricultural workers. In industrial society elites needed industrial workers. In the digital electronic and potentially quantum. society the elites don’t need us. This could be freedom, or it could be marginalized  slow death. Elites will try to hold on,  take and  defend. They might hire half the poorest to defend themselves against the rest of  the insubordinate, or they might deputize the displaced middle class to do this.

The task of the 21st century -growing up – is to create a culture and  society that works for all, makes life worth it, and has meaning. Lets face it. A better society requites that we take seriously and with interest the welfare of others. Each person is a work of art. a story, a poem and co-participant. The meaning is in the quality of every gesture and the way we build and appreciate each other.

knuckling down and pushing for  jobs or distributed income does not face our actual circumstances., which are more dire.  The old culture of capital and jobs is a caste system that prevents creative investment in community and network coping.  We need to see an increase in the security, attitude and skills so with each week more can participate in applying what we have  learned – I take our rapid response to enhancing US  production in  WW2 as one example and the open less hierarchical form practiced by  many tech and startup firms.(Roberto Unger is the clearest on the need for  an opportunity  to make advanced forms if production widely distributed in the world)

But we have to avoid a world where each morning most workers wake up to having to renegotiate  their contract or risk not being paid, with family breakup and loss of home. Without an understandable alternative. People will be disposed if we act courageously. Think of  Athens with its army of citizens that believed mobilizing and winning against the mercenary larger armies of  Persia. People when disposed, or needing to move for participation must find care in the community, not met by the dull silence of indifference
I see a future of local experiments highly networked.  In that world most of the current jobs are unsupportable because of energy use and their function of pumping money toward the one percent.

Four job categories will absorb most of people’s time.

1. Greening everything from an economic and aesthetic and climate impact ; includes sll material dealings
2. Taking care of the many dispossessed in the shift, ,  health and living conditions
3. The extensive management needed for 1 and 2.  We live now in an unmanaged   world 4. The education of everyone to participate.  Each one teach one – or many.

This process, civilization building, looks much more chaotic than anything we have known. But to not do it will not prevent  the chaos with its demoralization. To do it is meaningful. To not do it is  suicidal. It is more like the early days of the unformed but forming American  Republic than like filling slots in a bureaucracy  of work or welfare.
We need s new ten commandments to support this.

1. Each day do something for the person you know who is having the worst time.
2. Each day do something for the person you know *of* who is having the worst time.
3. Each day do something about the very worst situation you know about (its ok to be myopic – just do it) in the world.
4. Network the resulting projects.
5. Teach others to participate.*
6. Leave your local habitation more beautiful, at the end of the day, than you found it. Do something about it.
7. Do something, each day, to weave the tapestry of community conversations, consciously, by having at least one conversation you would not have otherwise.
8. Create culture with your children.
9. Study harder beyond current affairs or narrow profession.
10. Smile honestly and enjoy this life, even in its worst moments.

Other candidates..· Be careful on reading adds· Put Relationships before materialships · Hate or anger is a sign of not seeing strategically · Love may mean narrowing of focus · Stay healthy · Respect other’s gods · Bring others into your conversations · Speak with intent · The way up and the way down are the same · Eating towards health · breathing towards relaxed · Sex towards love · politics towards inclusions and community · foreign affairs towards delight · business towards refreshing · money towards real use and beauty · art towards beauty and revelation · movement towards grace · friendship towards depth · language towards quality · education towards complexity · childhood towards fullness · lies towards the minimum · violence towards comprehension · architecture towards the hospitable · reading towards the uncomfortable · science towards the real unknown · sleep towards dreams · work towards meaning · self at times towards others · at times towards the whole · and you will be natural


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