1856. More Trump

He only knows how to dominate, bully, alienate, He has no skill or interest in making friends. He treats the country like an acquisition. He might say “I bid for King and I won.”

The country was not in terrific shape by the time of the election. The job numbers were obscuring reality)and climate denial was still operating in the minds of the leadership.

But the world’s estimate of the US has changed rapidly for the worse We are now the bull in the china shop. dissolving the Atlantic Alliance and undoing Paris seem to be just impulses to show power. He has noagenda for bettering the US or the world short of running a monopoly business.

Hard to see where this goes. The Republican leadership is also unwilling to grasp contemporary problems, the Old Democratic leadership wants to win the last election, and the people are without guidance.

The diagnosis – what’s wrong – is fairly advanced and broadly shared, but people are afraid to act. I think because they “know” this ends badly and there is nothing to do.

Unrealistic. There is always something to do, if only love the people on the train. Talking through what to do as troubles are actually happening would be an advance, but very difficult.

And perhaps not talking about it is best because talking about it creates an internet of opinions whereas what might be better is local efforts that go unrecognized.



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