1852. Stretch to solution. Possible?

From where we are

to where we need to be

is a long step.

An English prime minister, maybe Macmillan, said “In politics never leap a chasm in two jumps.”

Congress is not representative. Neither party is representative. Yet among the three, power is held out of range of the rest of us. Even that is coming apart. We are smart and compassionate. Another day is going by.

Put another way, the economy and the politics we have are not even attempting to deal with our real problems of climate, income distribution and governance. How best to scale the problem for serious solutions adequate to the situation?

How did we get here? We are in a post reformation post industrial post Westphalian world and interfered with those who were not part of that world.

Where are we? The mess is obvious but each of us only sees a small part.

What to do?  The task is how to knit together human nature and the surrounding environment. Compassion and intelligence. By the more the better.





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