1848. New model of representative democracy 10-10-10

Few know their congressperson who represents several hundred thousand people. The state legislature, the county commissioners, are even more unknown to the voters.The system is broken as can be seen by the results in climate damage and inequality.

What if

each ten adult people based on geographical closeness, elect a representative

and that representative meets with nine other similarly chosn, and that group of ten choses a representative  and that represnetative of a hundred meets wiht nine others similarly chosen and that group of  ten.. etc.

Since this is happening to the whole population  the first round is  200 million adults divided in to 10 means in the frst round 20 million reps are chosen

and in the next round the 20 million chose 2 million and the 2 million chose 200,00 reps

and they chose 20,000 who chose 2000 who chose 200 and that is the equivalent of congress.

In this sytem everyone can see their immediate rep, and who that rep votes for. The participants, the people, the citixens, becaomse slowly awre of the whole chain. Five layers.




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