1847. The world of algorithms

In the algorithmic world (my example)

Your iPhone knows to set up a meeting for you next Wednesday. Your computer delivers to you on Tuesday the things you need to read for that meeting and the next day the driverless Uber car arrives to pick you up having given you a 15 minute phone call warning. The car takes you to the place you never had to think about so you don’t know where it is. You arrive at the meeting in time. When the meeting is over another Uber car is there waiting for you and takes you to a hotel that meets your criteria but you’ve never heard of. You are notified that you will be picked up at a certain time by another Uber car for dinner and a date has been arranged for you. Etc unending.

You have been carried along in the flow with never having had to have a thought or a reflection or to make any input into the process.


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