1838. Politics absent for most is very dangerous

it can be seen as the turndown in the post war economy, say early 60’s. Regan ran against the government and attacked the sir traffic controlers. This was to take back the generous distribution of profits because the profits were in decline.the whole process was to weaken the lower half or more of the population and build up a world of experts to do it, to manage the new arrangement.

This got  us a country run by professionals – law, medicine, education, management, media- that increased their take as they decreased it for the rest of the population. We achieved a government of the few for the few – and mostly for the very few.   Everyone else was left out of the fast economy and the narrow politics.  The one percent snd the professionals were woven together with the economy snd both parties and the rest became even more untepresented – and restless.

we now have a population with no party and parties with very little population.

This  is dangerous – high entropy low structure.

Roosevelt new deal

Truman ended the war

Eisenhower did the cold war with professionalism

Kennedy made it exciting

Reagan kept the economy going for the one percent running against government and the people

Bush 1 made it boring during consolidation

Clinton professionalised  the  democratic  Party as part of the 1%

BUsh 2 solidified the gains

Obama brought sanity without change

trump is stripping out and the remaining wealth and privatizing the country.




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