1834. Trump weak

He is blustering, at worst a bully. The real problem is how soft he is as a leader. There are no domains where he is knowledgeable. He rode to success in Tv and casinos and real estate, all part of the froth of the unreal money of recent decades. Nothing solid. He has never shown any mastery of anything.  He does nor know other countries, other languages nor any academic discipline. No history, philosophy, economics. Not even geography. In this cotton soft personality it is easy for others to gain influence. Some ok, dome terrible. Like one of those terrible sink holes that can open up in a town, we have a great yawning gap in the center of governance at a time when we need solidity. The Democrats are not a viable alternative. They appeared to be more competent at the top but were maybe even weaker below the surface down into the issues that matter- the decaying lives of great people cast in our time as demeaned ordinary.

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