1829. War

The problem arises in part when one creates a group of military. trained people of all ranks, Generals and admirals to privates and sailors, and then isolates them for decades in enclaves within society but not touching it. The enclosed professionals begin to get restless, feel useless to society, without a mission. And what has happened in our time is that the military group feels abused by the continuous deployment in a non winnable war.

The result is they start to hope for a real war, when where they can demonstrate their hard won and disciplined competence, and get out of the iron cage of bureaucracy, and DO SOMETHING that has feeling to it.

The tensions in the world now: middle east, south china coast, Central Asia, and a number of other places, “hot spots”, require a civilization to respond with diplomacy and understanding and invitations to all to participate in the continual civilizing of the world (and realistic in the awareness of climate and technology and bad finances).

We are not getting that diplomacy or cultural awareness. I fear it will cost us “hugely”.

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