1827. Books now about where are we..

There is a kind of consensus among the people I read the most that the “elites”, the one percent and their professional support system (the universities, the bureaucracies, the professions) are responsible for creating a world that was comfortable for them and disastrous for the others, for community, for security. The depth of inequality (much worse in parts of the world we are not told about) and the deterioration of the environment (oceans for example) are the results of policies that fed the one percent and brought along what Miljovan Djilas called years ago The New Class


But what is left out is convincing understanding of why and how.

There area number of books emerging. A review in the New Yorker by Adam Gopnick covers some of this.


The writers he reviews such as Mishra, are challenging but scattered and muddled. He fails to deal with the more challenging writers, Kanth for his depth of anthropological examination of western culture, (and his dysfunctional anger).

And my current favorite Jeofff Mann. In his book In the long run we are all dead, a history of the eternal return of Keynes, an analysis of the fate of political thought (it disappeared under cultural pressure from the abstractions of the enlightenment). A short version at

Click to access Geoff-Mann-Paper-on-Keynes-and-Civilization.pdf

Helping with his sanity and clarity is the writing of j. Hickman of

with his challenging thoughts (much based on his ongoing analysis of Stiegler’s Automation.

My own view has been that climate change, automation, over population and governance failure come together to create a major crisis that will require the redeployment of early everyone. There is no job that is not complicit in environmental damage on the physical side or cultural and community damage on the social side.

People must stop doing what they are doing – but must also create or be given better things to do.

That is the emerging frontier – what to do and how to get there.

Breaking With the Enlightenment: The Twilight of History and the Rediscovery of Utopia

Mann In the long run…

In the Long Run We Are All Dead: Keynesianism, Political Economy, and Revolution

Mishra: Ruins of Empire

From the Ruins of Empire: The Revolt Against the West and the Remaking of Asia

Bernard Stiegler: The Automatic Society: the Future of Work

Automatic Society: The Future of Work

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