1824. Keynes wrote……


It is our duty to prolong peace, hour by hour, day by day, for as longas we can. We do not know what the future will bring, except that itwill be quite different from anything we could predict. I have said inanother context that it is a disadvantage of “the long run” that in thelong run we are all dead. But I could have said equally well that it is agreat advantage of “the short run” that in the short run we are stillalive. Life and history are made up of short runs. If we are at peace inthe short run, that is something. The best we can do is put off disaster,if only in the hope, which is not necessarily a remote one, thatsomething will turn up. While there is peace, there is peace.  1937.

How to govern in a capitalistic society, but are there other posibilities?  Why should a few own capital? A way of getting a responsible elite to govern and be rewarded? Weak logic.

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