1820. Governmental detachment.

Serious problem. In Trump’s case, he and the people who surround them are not involved with the social civic society groups that are mot relevant t their supposed role in Government. Energy and EPA of course, and Health, Interior, also.

The expected competency of government is to know what they are talking about.”. 

Their actions os governors is to destroy what they do not know. This is not the expected role of governance and I would say Trump has shown incapacity to govern, should be subjected to removal, and the government has declared it is the enemy to things that represent me, hence the government has chosen to be my enemy.

The problem is that the people around Trump represent the extreme rich and mobilize the weakest and poorest with a hope that will be trashed by what Trump and congress actually do – or don’t do. The Democrats represented the professional class and also tried, and somewhat failed, to mobilize those hurt by the focus on the interests of that class. The professional class was and is pretty detached from the rest of the country and its painful eclineNo party was leading on the real issues: climate, inequality, automation, corrupted governance. Further, the rise of the Republicans, from weak states and hardly a majority of the country, is the fault of te Democrats who let the gerrymandering take place and did not work to develop the party. There is now really no Democratic platform and no emerged (but hopefully emerging and as yet usnseen) democratic leaderships that offer an alternative. Yet stuff will happen.


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