1814. The danger of assuming little change

Lots of thoughts on my mind .

In agricultural society elites needed agricultural workers (and soldiers)
In Industrial society elites need industrial workers (and soldiers)
In digital society it is not clear who or how many are needed.  Part of the problem is, as a new opportunity emerges demand for workers emerges, it is also – and this is new – a target for automation/robots/algorithms. New demand incentivizes buying  robots, not hiring people.
This seems to leave the future less certain than in earlier transformations (though even then say ag to factories in the US, the destruction of community and families was catastrophic for many.)
My own view is that whatever course we take, most thinkers tend to assume a lot of constancy in the world. I think that change will come much faster, because
1. The initial climate events are already happening in small places where the ability of the environment to sustain human life is collapsing.
2. The fact of #1  will cause  the emergence of a much wider near universal  political demand to “DO SOMETHING.” The tsunami of the social mobilization will tear apart many initiatives undertaken in the  assumptions of continuity long before the actual climate events destabilize larger regions.
(ofcorse there are other major disrupters that might take over: war, and political collapse being two)
Now in this there are opportunities. We need a new kind of production system that is much greener and less profit driven. This will require lots of new technology and a different way to finance, a way that decentralizes wealth and political power. It can be done, but wow, the resistance is likely to be very strong. But the hope is the plight of humanity will shift many of us to a more compassionate democratic and fair way of being a society.

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