1813. the good task ahead

This is a quick summary of previous thoughts.

Whatever we do with technology, creating jobs and a better quality of life, we need solutions that deal simultaneously with the secondary consequences of our proposed solutions for the following

  • climate warming
    population and migration
    weaponization of society
    increased economic activity motivates shifting to robots

As I see it now there are four major sectors of employment (with lots extra in the interstices) toward which the large majority of the population will need to move ..

  1. Greening everything (remediation, economy, aesthetics, species support)
  2. Caring for all those hurt by the transition (say half the population will need care of many kinds)
  3. Management of 1 and 2.
  4. Education and the arts.(to guide the spirit and skills of the management and to provide the vision)

All are tech dependent, lots to do.

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