1807 Trump as Person (1806 expanded)

Seems to have no resonance with compassion nor. democracy. Only with wining with the goal of impressing others to impress himself. A very limited character with world ambitions  dangerous to the world.

Trump thinks the bully dominates, but only during recess in the school yard. Otherwise he is ignored. Real relationships are based on care, empathy, humor, cooperation, grace. The prestige of the US has depended upon good will (though the US has behaved badly way too often), hope, human development. We have badly wasted it for several decades, thought Obama’s being helped. The last weeks have shown the fragility of social perceptions and we have wasted a great deal. We also have raised Russia from a backwater to a serious world player (may not last long) and weakened the prospects for “The West”.

It is hard to see that there is anything in D T’s  character to appeal to on the side of humanity.  Wile the press, the  academics and the professionals  (legal, financial, etc) are perilously associated with the rise of the one percent, their combined awakening from their dogmatic slumber  (I include myself)  is the solid hope for coping, but it will require serious thinking and reworking  US institutions . Climate, inequality and automation give us the opportunity.

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