1802. Trump and America

Trump’s path to the presidency was more like falling into a vacuum produced by about three decades of a political system that was working for the rich and creating inequality (and environmental damage). It is Trump’s Long Island construction industry character and low exposure to other worlds that makes him such a bad leader.

He does not understand the need for calm. He think we all admire a gamester who likes to win. He does not understand that he has to be the president for the losers as well as the winners. He acts as though is head of a team that is out to win for self and defeat others. But once the election is over the president must be head of the league and protect all the teams in an atmosphere of compassion thoughtfulness – consider all sides to a question – and fairness, whereas in the construction industry bullying bluster braggery and bloat seem to work well.

Trump is obviously a spoiled child who deeply is identified with mother  and thinks being a bully will either force others to back off or to admire him and agree with him. Childhood bad behavior got him sent to military school. Through some college at Wharton we do not have his transcripts but evidence seems to be of basically no show. His paper trail – transcripts, taxes, sealed legal proceedings – seem to hint at a mode of operation that would be a disaster for a country. His pathetic adolescent need to show independent from mom by instilling fear and constant sexual exploitation of 10’s is pathetic. (see photos of his mother’s hair treatment – much like Donald’s).

He seems to have no understanding that his actions create enemies, not only for himself but in the much larger global society where extreme diplomacy and wise historical understanding are essential. The resulting decline in the perception of America is one of the greatest good will collapses in history. (I draw from the shrunken well of Trumps’ own superlatives). While under way for decades, Obama did much to repair the America perceived, and it has been trashed in a few weeks.

Trump has no connection to the idea of democracy. His business has been perks for the one percent: golf, retreats – and casinos for the unfortunate.He seems – and is – unsocialized to the American ambience that most of us carry as a kind of social DNA that combines reasonableness with humility.

But it is important to realize that Trump is more result than cause. The Republican Party is led by a strange bunch of power brokers who play on myth of christian self righteousness and whose personal goals are neither Christian nor democratic. In fact neither party is suffeciently  led by people concerted with the issues we need to be concerned about: climate warming, population, migration, inequality, neo-colonialism, weak governance, deep corruption.

A serious problem is that the pace of events will outpace any proposed plan of recovery. The result is we will live in a world trying to remake itself while it is coming apart. We need to realize this as a human crisis and be prepared, all of us, to respond meaningfully to the pain of those who are hurt by what we are about to go through.

Trump’s mean egoism is truly dangerous in a dangerous situation. The social reaction against Trump is deep and suggests resources among the people that are awesome. A better future is possible if we think toward a world that is less driven by consumerism and more driven by meeting people’s needs and desires. We produce enough. It is poorly distributed, and it is the wrong stuff. There is a lot to do and the crisis of getting rigd of Trump may be driven by an awareness of this overall situation. Gives hope.

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