1797.Varieties of fascism. Be careful

A problem I foresee is fighting right fascism with left fascism. Since we have  been denied the value of voting, keeping the act without meaningful substance, we are not skillful on alternatives. It is important to say that the fascism of trump/bannon  (tromp and ban them) is really the Christian right. This is where putting comes from and the right nationalist leadership in much of Europe.

I worry that the need to respond to climate change will be very upsetting  of all social relationships and provide the conditions for centralized management of the crisis, with the real emergence of a technocratic  elite which has been our standard mode of operation for three decades, the 1%,  and the professional  elite. Induced war could hasten this project. I think we need to do much more hard work and studying the relationship between belief   and politics. I have been rereading Sheldon Wolin’s Politics and Vision and finding it a real help.

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