1779. Trump reveals Hidden government.

It takes Trump’s wildcard  erraticism to show how dependent we are on normal quiet – keep the lid on – times. We thought we had a  sort of democracy but it is really bureaucracy and a political/financial class – and trump doesn’t play by bureaucracy’s  assumed snd hidden norms. But  rule by bureaucracy was not a good way to run the world . It is to prone to accept its ken propoganda and swallow oposition.

The US  Constitution was put together in a simpler time to defend property and to protect slavery. Locke wanted to protect the aristocrats, the large landowners, from the king. He was not interested in protecting the little people from the aristocrats.  That worked pretty well with small farmers who were independent and craftsmen who are paid quite a bit because there were so few of them. Industrialization swamped the semi democratic republic  of small farmers with railroads and monopolies and craftsmen with the corporate factory system.  The trends  were  obscured by two world wars and a rapidly growing population  and newly acquired land, Louisiana through  Texas and on to the fantasy  inducing California  and the broad magical Pacific. America the beautiful kept us blind to the task and very hard work of building a better society. WW2 showing our ability  to mobilize to an external threat but dnhanced the corporations, and was followed by the mesmerizing cold war and replaced landscape with consumerism.

Trump’s manic absurdalism has revealed the sorry state even more than the democrats who had come to represent the professional elite had done. BY the time of this unhappy two ghoul election we have come to se more and dont like what we see: a deep incapacity of cutizens and bureucrats to face issues.

So it is back to the task of creating some kind of governance that can cope with the issues we actually face.


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