1770. Rethinking the election?

If Trump won because of Russian interference which he encouraged, and Comey interfering by violating FBI rules on releasing info close to an election, then what? The Implication is either Clinton wins or there is a new election between Hillary and Trump or it goes to the House for a new vote.

Doesn’t quite add up.

If we embrace the facts it looks to me like the Constitution is broken (no path in the constitution for this situation except maybe take it to the house of representatives.). As we face the obvious several major challenges: climate, income. Can grass roots necessity match system innovation and take us to a better place?

The fear of saying the election needs to be redone is that, now, neither a Clinton nor Trump victory feels good enough to meet  the challenges, and no alternative appears forthcoming. Our challenge.

add. I just came across this from Think Progress on the constituion.

The Constitution of the United States has failed


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