1763. On Obama and Trump and Russia

This is worth a quote. From juan Cole’s site,  Informed Opinion.

What is not taken into account is the effect on the rest of the world where Obama appears to be losing his marbles towards the end of his long and arduous stint in the big chair. Such sanctions make Trump look mature and statesmanlike with his call to get on with bigger things and reference to the complexity of the world of computers, and they have opened the door for the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova to give praise and express sympathy for John Kerry for having to put up with so dysfunctional a foreign policy link to rt.com . It’s embarrassing.

The whole hacking situation is so messy. Greenwald and others think it is fake. The NSA report, without details, made it worse. I suspect that the real story, what the US, Russia are doing, is hidden from us. Big things are afoot and we can’t even hear the foot falls.

One thought on “1763. On Obama and Trump and Russia

  1. Max says:

    Expect to see lots of details and evidence of Russia involvement. Obama wouldn’t do something without a reason.
    I’m sure the world sympathizes with Obama about ‘losing his marbles’ After all, the US elected a narcissistic sociopath that’s about to undo as many of the good things that the Obama admin did as it possibly can.
    It honestly looks like Juan Cole is tryouts my to make himself available to RT. Calling someone like Trump “mature and statesman like” is ridiculous. Trump is a petty man child.

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