1760. Little politics big problems

This is a draft driven by urgency.

Lets face it. We are in a tightening grip that threatens to kill us, that will kill us or at least a large portion.. The thousands that have died trying to cross from africa to europe are already dead. Less land for agriculture and people, more people, a weakening economy (who wants to buy something when you have no place secure to put it?), technology of control rather than quality of life.

We are an imaginative responsive species. Whether it was the idea gae, the saber tooth tigers, or each other, we found ways, had amazingly interesting lives worth living, had families and loved out children and loved each other while being parents.

Time to do it again.

More people and fewer things that people want or can afford make for a musical chairs economy. Where you sat or are seated to have a job and earn an income is under threat of disappearing. Can we cope? Well, st the same time the environment is deteriorating, more heat and greater variance in weather, averaging out to more storms, sea rise and  higher temperatures. Time to bail, time to build, time to think, time to help each other, time to read, imagine, converse.

But as we look around, everything is owned, and we can’t legally touch it. The owner is away, or hidden inside with the internet and fears of their own. On the one side is the mb that might arise to break it apart, and on the other side is the state nd its militarized people ho just need a a job – and will suppress that mob.

There is a Robert Bly retold story. Imagine ancient times

A boy and his dog
walk into a village
people sitting around depressed.
– What happened?
– Sent out a hunting party.
– What happened?
– Never came back
– What did you do?
– Sent out a search party
– What happened?
– Never came back._which way did they go?
People point and the boy says to his dog,
– Let’s go!
after a few miles through the forest  they come to a murky pond, and a big hand
reaches out of the pond and drags the dog down.
– This must be the place! Says the Boy.

We have arrived at the place. Now what?

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