1755. Infrastructure project: roads or extended culture centers

There is a lot of agreement that spending on infrastructure could spread income and move the economy.

But lets get expansive. What if, instead of roads and bridges for today’s cars, we let that go to autonomous  cars and instead we built community centers that combines a culture center, new schools and places for startup business, and the  senior citizen centers, all in the same place, In a park setting.

There are several  issues with the standard infrastructure approach.

  1. Infrastructure  projects likely to be user of old technology;  diesel trucks to move around equipment for example.

2. The Trump proposal would be not federal spending on projet that would then be public, but the guarantee of loans to construction companies to build and then own, with the result that toll fees would be paid to private corporations, the middle class and upward could afford, and the rest forced to bypass.

3. The expectation is to rebuild bridges and roads. But the autonomous vehicle needs much less space and a different infrastructure. Retrofitting existing roads and bridges for networked vehicles ould be far more effective.

4. More roads, etc are a nightmare in terms of destroying the existing landscape, and autonomous cars make this unnecessary, even wasteful.

Alternative: instead of roads and bridges, how about culture centers in every town and subsidized art performance, mixing local schools and senior centers, maybe even a startup pavilion, all in a park setting  We have too many young people without parents and too many old people without children. Let’s put them together in the same space.. I think of the Carnegie Library project, putting libraries with great architecture in many of the towns in America.

Almost 200 in California alone


Again,  lets get expansive. What if we built community centers that combines a culture center, new schools and places for startup business, and the senior citizen centers? In a garden and park setting.


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