1753. Darwin and dehumanization

The ascendancy of Darwinian logic – survival of the DNA of the fittest – is part of the last few centuries assault on the human. The logic of the darwinian is that what is is because it survived the struggle.

This leaves out the human capacity to go against that logic. There is a wallet lying in the street. The darwinian view, pick it up, take the $600 inside and throw the rest away. Bu I ca search out the name in the wallet and return it. The argument that this fits Darwin because i my act I have made myself part of a larger community and this increases my chance, and my DNA’s chance, of prorogation

By this logis is there anything that exists which is not darwinian?  Lets take a stronger example, the US Declaration’s “All men are created equal.” Obviously false, yet true. False in the Darwinian sense, but true in the ethical. Humans can choose to go against the tendencies of the obvious darwinian logic.

But if we post-hoc reduce everything to Darwin, there is no possible example of something which is not, and hence the theory is absurd. The reason it is important is because is “logic” implies conflict and supports a conflictual feeling about society. This is not what we want people to understand about us in relation t our fellow human beings and even with animals, to treat them better , even if later reduced to food).

comments appreciated.Prepared to be wrong.

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