1748. The center blames the right rather than itself

The emotions and politics of the right are symptomatic, but the  politics and actions of the center are cause. The center can be seen as the supporting class to the elite. As such they daily make and exercise the systems that lead to inequality, climate warming and weakened education and bad press. The center is basically the professional and managerial class, the social glue that holds it together. Much of this group sees itself as progressive and not aware of their isolation from the bottom half of society. They live fast lives, driven even, anxious, between work, home, school, mall and market and think this is the world.

Aristotle wrote that the good citizen is the one who can both govern and follow.That takes a lot of education but our professional class is satisfied local specialist training and licensing.

Opening up the system to greater exposure and interest, compassion and action,  across disciplines, is essential.

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