1744. Future work

High employment is of interest to employers but i am not so sure about the rest.

I foresee a necessary major shift in the economy. Eighty percent of the jobs need to be reconfigured. Out of it will emerge, if we are making an adequate change, the following major categories of employment;

1. Greening of the environment from a food, climate moderating and aesthetic perspective

2. Medical, in the broad sense, welfare, taking care of the very large number number of people hurt in the transition. Physically hurt, socially and psychological hurt, disrupted lives and loss of hope. This will be huge.

3. A large group of managers to manage 1 and 2 through the transition.

These are the main. Two others

4. Security, unfortunately necessary to avoid a world of well meaning Robin hoods and ill meaning mafia bosses.

5. Arts and education to hold it all together at the level of culture.

I see this as consistent with i4j but goes beyond it in scope and depth of needed changes, in particular the place and deployment of capital. It means a downward marking of most existing assets as value is spread with an uptake in the human assets, local initiatives and higher rates of participation. So long as the innovation system is tied to concentrating wealth it is a force not of hope but of destruction.


2 thoughts on “1744. Future work

  1. lizaloop says:

    I’m sure I’m interested in the theses expressed here but the writing is so abbreviated that I’m not confident I understand its nuances. Can you give us more context, Doug, and some links to explain references such as “ij4”?

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