1735. The real DT?

I have been horrified by the conventional thinking of almost everyone I know (as often, the best are better), not interested in Trump, just trashing. As though there is an alterantive that is obviously better.

Along the way, the division between right and progressive, progressive and working class, do not get at the fundamental that it is a complex mixture that cross cuts all standard divisions but comes down to poor in cash or education or prospects vs the professionals (elite, wealthy and their supporters.) minus minorities who are more afraid of Trump (and rightfully so)

Trump has said some intresting things, most noteably in the conversation with the NYT staff. I am sure you have read it carefully. Language like

Because our country’s really in bad, big trouble. We have a lot of trouble. A lot of problems. And one of the big problems, I talk about, divisiveness. I think that a lot of people will appreciate … I’m not doing it for that reason. I’m doing it because it’s time to go in a different direction. There was a lot of pain, and I think that the people that supported me with such enthusiasm, where they will show up at 1 in the morning to hear a speech.

Suggests a greater sensitiveity, humanity, than we usually get in press quotes.

So who is he? My current view is that he is a spoiled rich kid who went to private school, learned standard patriotism and sports, thinks winning is importnat, and has a lot ofdecency but, lacks education in other persepctives and can under pressure revert to bullying in defnese of what he considers a reasaonble bunch of ideas.

How smart he is, unclear. Does he hide knowledge? How viscious can he be? Is he drawn to violence? Does he know more history than he lets on? Does he hide motives? Is he a prince Hal on the way to being Henry V?

Only careful listening will help us answer these important questions. The Warren letter suggests he may be running a klpetocracy and hides it under salesmanship. I find myslef interested in who he is, how he thinks. The appointments feel like over reach to me and he will generate a strong rfesistance, from many in congress and in the population. Through this he could collapse as he finds he can’ govern. I also think we can expect that the climate issue will loom large more reapidly than most thingk. A weak Trump fighting to get appointments and facing a public surge around climate, would create the opening we need to deal with climaete and a different kind of economy. .

Each day stirs the Sherlock in us: notice, pay attention, be ready for revising opinions. To our friends, we need to advise replacing anger and depression with vital interest.


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