1732. My reflection

Modern society has taken a large toll on culture, family, environment, personal integrity.

Part of the current mess is a result of ww2 and the unique advantages in the economy of the US after the war. We could sell anything, and quality dropped. As the rising “success” leveled off, political decisions changed regulations, like getting rid of the air traffic controllers union, that made it appear that the success – for the top – was continuing, while we missed that the costs and loss of equity were carried by the lower parts of the population.Maintaining the top and milking the bottom has been the chief cause of the Sanders/Trump reaction, long overdue.

Bt this too had aearlier causes. The nation states after the treaty of Westphalia, the culture of mechanization and mathematizing the culture from Descartes and others. The stress by the church on a limited view of truth and repressing others. The objective and conceptual clarity of the classical Greeks (in contrast to the more flowing sense of reality by the Chinese.)  In some sense the problem is the philosophy of the west.

I would say that the real problem, cutting across these, is culture. We need to know what it is, how it works, what of culture and belief if needed for a thriving society.

But another major driver of the mess is population. Increased population destabilizes all arrangements. Taken climaye and population togther we must realize we are dealing with the managment of the human spcies and its place in nature. Can we do it?


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