1728. State of society

8The current situation – especially the elections and the economy-can be best understood as a shift from hierarchical to network society. The old hierarchies could impose, just through culture and people wanting to align – norms of behavior and thought. As those institutions have come apart through the acid like impact of

  • internet
  • population increase
  • climate anxiety

The old cultures of

  • capitalism (with zero interest rates and extreme monopolization)
  • representative democracy (the connection of reps to the people is gone)
  • family structure (mom and dad)
  • education for citizenship (now for job skills)
  • jobs (undermined by automation)
  • religious sentiment if not belief
  • governance through hierarchy

Are broken apart. An emergent network/internet culture is emerging, but so far as part of the breakdown, not yet as reconstitute.

We are between one and the other.

As a result chaos is emerging everywhere as previously hidden tensions emerge with enough power to claim a tribe. The Trump Clinton mess is a result of lots of small things replacing a few large ones. The :public” no longer exists.

Unfortunately the world probably needs managing, and we are losing the capacity.

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