1722. Revenge escalates in Homer.

I am sure most of us feel that the trading of escalating insults can lead to serious danger, and should stop. Reading literature is part of a good education. Here, From The Odyssey (commentary from Mcinerney Cattle of the Sun..

Consider, for example, the astonishing remark Odysseus makes in telling Penelope not to fret over the livestock consumed by the suitors: he says he will replenish their losses by raiding and by exacting tribute “until the pens are full again.”3 Protecting his goods has just led to the killing of dozens of rivals and the prospect of untold numbers of vendettas. Won’t these raids simply incite more violence, triggering off further instances of retribution? Laertes, in fact, raises this very point, so the poet and audience are well aware of the dreadful ambiguity of Odysseus’ triumph, but heroic society is characterized by a cycle of recurring violence in which raiding is catalytic: Katreus is mistaken for a raider and killed by his son, Althaimenes; Herakles kills Geryon and is attacked by Alebion, Derkynis, Cacus, and Eryx; Kastor is slain by Idas during a cattle raid; Amphitryon…..

We can suspect that Trump has not read Homer. Has Clinton? Political Science at Wellesley?  May or may not. She was busy in politics.

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