1711. Two kinds of socialism

Interesting thinking.

“That’s the choice. Social Democracy or National Socialism. Good and bad. Social Democracy works. It works wonders for human prosperity, any way that you care to measure it. It’s one of humankind’s greatest creations. National Socialism, on the other hand, is the very opposite. It’s search for blood and gold leads inevitably to violence, war, catastrophe. It is one of humanity’s ugliest creations.”

– The Choice — On Techne — Medium (https://medium.com/on-techne/the-choice-4c6d598473be?source=email-b7284a18de7-1471537255098-digest.reader——0-7&sectionName=single)

Good distinction, and I like the idea of the two in tension with each other. The problem with the socialism we have had is its alliance with industrial – hierarchical – forms of social organization. Too easy to corrupt and  create privilege.  Good societies I think,  dealing with human nature, require a certain lack of integration, crating interstices where people if they chose can be freer in attitude and creativity.

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