1706. News from the dark side while seeking the light.

I think we live in a time when everything that needs to be said has been said. The problem is that all this writing  does not cohere into a new culture  adequate to the emerging realities. Certainly we can expect the reaction, creative or destructive, will tare  time. But do we have time? Thos who survive will say we did, those ho did not, will say we did not have the time between emergence -climate, inequality, population, automation, failure of governance – to save them.  Here are just a few from yesterday.

*Government Statistics May Be Wrong, But They’re Not Manipulated – Bloomberg View


The admission here is that things lie GDP are suspect because the concept is weird, measure some things and not others, and the data is so approximate.

*Kevin kelley long now.Digital is just getting started — The Long Now Foundation — in Medium

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Every possible surface that can become a display will become a display, and will study its watchers. Everything we encounter, “if it cannot interact, it is broken.” Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) will become the next platform after smartphones, conveying a profound sense of experience (and shared experience), transforming education (“it burns different circuits in your brain”), and making us intimately trackable. Everything will be tracked, monitored, sensored, and imaged, and people will go along with it because “vanity trumps privacy,” as already proved on Facebook. “Wherever attention flows, money will follow.”

*Rosa Brooks Examines War’s Expanding Boundaries – The New York Times

Tales From the Pentagon
By Rosa Brooks

So the ubiquitous flow of tech into every corner of your previous existence. Instead of being a person, a mere node in the intersection of information streams And war everywhere. You can feel the guns and their potential.

Too many people. What to do with them? Our solution has been to hire them to make uselesss things in mega quantities so they can have the income to buy the few necessities to survive. But if we stop the production, what to do with the people? Many people respond with “they can….”. But ther is no path of transition specified, nor imagined.

The way through and out might exist. We need to work for it.



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