1704. Why is it that the game favors owners but not labor?

Provocation  40 

Economics should distribute the gains of economy in some reasonable way.

How come we have billionaires who integrate technical research paid fr by the public trough research grants or “Defense’”contracts?

And create a game out of large social investments made by others? The employees are educated by others. The landscape where the business is  created by others (thinking of Palo Alto).

But more, the richness would be impossible except for the large number of people who participate in the product (think of iPhones). Obvious the iPhone would be impossible without. A large number of players. But the fruits in extreme wealth accrue to only one or a few. Reasonable? How does it happened? Just rules of the game? When a soccer team wins a game, all the players get the credit. Can we change the rules? Where is economics on this?

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