1699. Brexit implications

We tend to want to see a choice between a better and a less good alternative, and then to work for the better. But in this case it would be a choice between two bad alternatives: on the one side to try to take apart the technocracy of the Establishment in Europe and hurt the conditions of one’s own income, or to leave the forces of the 1% to continue their exploitation. As we Face the need for more radical alternatives for climate, technology and unemployment, it might be that this is the same choice facing almost all of us everywhere. If this is true we need a deeper approach to understanding why people voted for Brexit.

Soros’s response to the vote was to suggesti the possibility of a more straightforward approach to restructuring Europe. That seems to me like a good direction for many situations including the US economy and governance. But we can see why people are pessimistic about this possibility emerging against the strong tendency to merely stay the course

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