1693. the center blames the right rather than itself.

The right, the mainstream, in the US, the banks, with the support of the professionals and the one percent  have created a mess with regards to inquality and climate. They have failed to create any public dialog around critical issues of population, the use of the land,  energy,  nuclear proliferation, and the quality of life. Instead of facing their own relation to the mess they have been  able to rely on the press to create an apparent conflict between TRump and  reason. ” look terrible man!”

The press in  it’s wisdom seeks  conflict because it sells information embedded in advertising.

The result is we are  offered a choice between a self congratulatory center and a dangerous uncentered  Casino operator.

Hopefully Trump’s Attack on Clinton will actually use real issues and force her to respond. We would get a real dialogue after all. Reality might help. The result would be a more realistic center that can avoid for us all  of the distraction from the right. The danger is that TRump wins.



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