1680. Alien ecologies.

As we struggle to understand our time (place? Culture? Who we are?) very occasionally I come across something that resonates in a large number of dimensions.

I have been influenced by Piaget, Cassirer, Kenneth Burke, Richard Feynman, Erich Fromm, Erik Erikson, Jerry Lettvin, Paul Feyerabend, David Riesman all of whom I knew except Cassirer. They formed a world view, with  the tone of civility and a sense of the ethical life. There are others, like, oh, Shakespeare, Yates and Saroynan but this is the core.

I find coping with the current world stressful and challenging, lacking leverage points for any possible significant action.

In this state of mind I stumbled into a site   Alien ecologies, which is the poetic production of one man named Hickman who moves around the current landscape of thought and reality in a way that feels to me more than  most, adequate tending toward our own time. It is a site to browse in, let yourself be affected by, take time in, like any new landscape. ….

alien ecologies


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