1674. Needed, more unity.

Elites exist because of a weak combination of talent, luck, and force. The combination is a weak one because do highly circumstantial. The implication is that there are talented and unlucky people who are not part of the elite and yet suppressed by the elite use of force. The use of force could be in the subtle form of no work you starve, but work must be in jobs that support the elite structure.

Both Trump supporters and Bernie supporters are suffering from, and angry about, the same things, the tearing spart of the bottom 80%, but the politics is working to divide them and separate them from real power. The fate of the nation however will depend upon a higher level of cooperation.

To the extent that Obama and Hillary are seen as part of the elite and supporting professional classes (the bulk of the 1%) we will be close to Civil War. The glue that holds it together is the one percent protecting its current distribution of assets along with the trend towards even greater concentration . But tensions sre increasing.

Hillary would try to help hold on to the current arrangement and Trump would stir things up but ultimately protect the same elite. Hillary’s election would mostly use the bureaucracy and Trump’s sdministration would be more authoritarian.

The outcome would probably be some kind of war, most likely with China, to mobilize political support,  stimulate the existing economy, and avoidcivil war, often called “civil unrest.”  What we see here is a very  set of dynamics that bave been constant through history. Empires struggle with internal discord and opt for wars.

It is this unhappy set of scenarios that most of us grasp but do not yet see another path forward.



2 thoughts on “1674. Needed, more unity.

  1. Victoria Hayden says:

    Hi Doug,

    Victoria Hayden formerly from Palo Alto…now in Ogden, Utah. Aged out of the marketplace. Had to sell house to afford to send my autistic son to school. Long story.

    My struggle with today’s campaign is truth. I know statistics can be spun. And I know that truth can be realized from different perspectives.

    That said, this campaign is filled with objective lies and promises that candidates know are either unlikely or impossible to fulfill.

    –A press that does not challenge preferring entertainment value over their role as the “Fourth Estate.”

    –And a citizenry that with a thought process no deeper than Twitter-Think.

    Does not any conversation need to begin with some attempt at agreement regarding truth, or agreed-to stipulations?

    Hope you are well.

    Victoria Hayden

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