1670. The various atmospheric religions

If we think of the atmosphere of tradition within which people live we can make the following approximation about what seems most salient to the person in that atmosphere

Confucian = community
Hebraic = family
Christian = individual
Islam = God
Polytheist = animism

Of course each has some of all, but the atmosphere in which a person lives if one or the other. What strikes me is that everyone has such a misty presence in which they live and from which they experience the world.

The future of the species will be largely in this context of incommensurate beliefs.  the possibility of an emerging shared ethos (a great word, the moral climate in which we live) may be remote. If we have such interesting to look at what we can bring together

  • compassion for others
  • tolerance
  • a scientific attitude (not the standard science of today but the tradition of curiosty, awe and respect for fact and logic without reifying these
  • art and aesthetics
  • family, community, self
  • love of life


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